Friday, October 7, 2011

Interior Views

Jamie Fingal here.  In thinking about the theme for this month "views" I contemplated what I would design to interpret the theme.  I love houses, no surprise there.  I went to my stash of board books, and lucky for me, there was this house book.  I started with a typical cardboard book, and cut new windows on each page with an x-acto knife.  I gesso'd every page to give it more stability during the painting process.

Let the painting begin - My plan is to paint three different layers of paint for each page.  A base coat, stencil coat and a top coat, in which I will use a rubber comb.  To begin -I painted each side with Craft Smart Acrylic Craft Paint from Michael's (inexpensive), all different colors; then I put post-it-notes over each window blank, so I wouldn't get paint on those portions during the stenciling process.
I stenciled each page with dots, letters, blocks, patterns, etc.  I chose paint colors that were a significant contrast from the background color, so it would stand out.  The brush is a foam round - 2 ended,  from Color Box, and I've had it for years.

After the stenciling paint was dry, I painted another coat of paint - another contrast and then quickly used this rubber comb to make designs in the paint.  I love it how all 3 layers show through, giving the pages dimension and texture.
Watercolors for the views inside the house - tea for two, a spotted dog, a purse, umbrella, lamp, flowers, 2 dresses, a bookshelf, a clock and a "home sweet home" painting - all things that I love inside my own house.

The book is ready for the artwork to be glued in.  I used white glue and books were laid upon each one to secure them into place.
A 2-page sample

A close up of one of the pages; the purse is on another page, showing through the window.  I outlined the letters and numbers with a Pilot Razor Point black pen, so they appear as if they are jumping off the page.
Front of the house with the cut-out windows, spelling h o m e

The interior views of the house from above; a more detailed "how to" is on my Twisted Sister blog


  1. Wow ! really cool- thanks for getting me thinking in dimensions...

  2. loving this! I think I need to add some board books to my stash...

  3. Love the board book and all the yummy layers!

  4. Where did you get the small circle template you're using? :) I've been looking everywhere for something like that!

    Beautiful book!

  5. the small circle stencil is made by Stewart Gill - it's on their website. They are most often a vendor at the International Quilt Festival in Houston.

  6. I love the view from your house Jamie! The pages look like paste paper...very cool!

  7. You've given me a great idea for a scrapbook as I want to do one of daughter's dog while the dog has an extended visit on our farm. Town dog becoming farm dog makes for interesting photos :).

  8. FABULOUS, Jamie! What a fun interpretation of this theme!


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