Sunday, October 23, 2011

The sketchbook challenge 2012

You didn't really think that after all the fun we've had this year with the sketchbook challenge that we wouldn't come back for another round in 2012 did you?  We've had such a good time working in our sketchbooks and seeing all of you working in yours to quit now!

I'm very happy to announce that Susan Brubaker Knapp and Pam Carriker will be joining the Sketchbook Challenge 2012 lineup and you'll be seeing posts from them on the sketchbook blog soon.
Here are your 2012 Sketchbook Challenge host artists:

Jill Berry :  blog    /  sketchbook profile
Sue Bleiweiss :  blog  /    sketchbook profile
Pam Carriker  :  blog   /   sketchbook profile
Jane Davies  :  blog    /  sketchbook profile
Jamie Fingal blog    /  sketchbook profile
Leslie Tucker Jenison  :  blog   /   sketchbook profile
Lyric Kinard
blog   /   sketchbook profile
Susan Brubaker Knapp blog   /   sketchbook profile
Jane LaFazio blog    /  sketchbook profile
Kelli Nina Perkins :  blog  /    sketchbook profile
Carol Sloan :  blog   /   sketchbook profile 
Susan Sorrell :  blog  /    sketchbook profile
Diana Trout :  blog    /  sketchbook profile
Laura Cater Woods :  blog   /   sketchbook profile

And we've got a brand new sketchbook challenge blog badge too!

Directions on how to put the badge on your blog are here.
(if you previously installed the badge on your blog following the copy/insert directions on this page then the badge image on your blog should have already updated automatically.  If not, then you will have to re-install it)

2012 promises to be another great year for the sketchbook challenge packed with techniques, tutorials, and of course 12 new themes to inspire your creative muse.

We're all very excited about the continuing the challenge into 2012 and we hope you'll all join us!


  1. I am so honored – and happy – to be joining you!

  2. Yeah! Glad to hear that we can look forward to another fun year! Thank you all!!

  3. Wow - What an inspiration you all are! As someone who spends so much time focusing on teaching 170 kids a day that I forget to think about my own work, this has been a wonderful kick in the bootie to pull out all my sketchbooks and start moving the pen! Thank you for that!

  4. Great news - I've been wondering how i'd survive without the challenge next year! Thanks everyone for keeping the fun going.

  5. I didn't participate much this year and was so hoping that I would have another chance in 2012. Yeah! I will!! Thanks!!

  6. Yeah. This has been wonderful. Count me in again for next year. xx

  7. Cool!!!! I'm so glad I need other people themes to motivate me :)


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