Thursday, October 13, 2011

The View from Underneath

Just when you think you've got every angle figured out, take a look at the underside. I was thrilled to find this serendipitous view waiting for me under my current fabric work. I've been dyeing swatches and drying them in layered paper towels. The paper was as beautiful as the fabric. I've scanned the image for use as a background in a digital project and the original will be pasted into my sketchbook as a collage element. Separate the layers of paper towel first and you'll have twice as much fun!

I'm off to Art Camp for a week and hope to come back with some great VIEWS and VISTAS I can sketch.  


  1. Have fun. I wish that I could join you.

  2. Last Christmas, snow-birding, I needed wrapping paper for a last-minute gift and had none in the camper. Looking around, the paper towels I had been using for wiping my watercolor brushes on seemed suddenly to be just the bright and cheery thing I needed. It worked a treat.

    Re-use, re-cycle, re-purpose!


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