Wednesday, October 19, 2011

View Of Another Working Studio

This weekend, my studio got dismantled.

After spending a week playing on Nancy Crow's huge print tables, I decided that my more modest version should at least be accessible from all sides. It got pulled away about eight inches from the large worktable and took a place of its own nearer to my side of the space. The large table moved up in the space by two feet. This gives me about 36" between the tables and allows me full access to all sides of each of them!

I love the transformation!

The next step will be to replace the track lighting with enough fluorescents to flood the space with a wash of light and cast out all the crazy shadows the tracks shed.

It only took me about an hour to put everything back together, including my most studio important elements: paint and tools!

Happy sketchbooking!

posted by Judi H


  1. It is so helpful to be able to walk and work from any side! I had to change my work space when we moved 4 yrs ago my storage is not that great anymore...

  2. Storage is an ongoing issue, isn't it? I never seem to have enough, even though I'm really ruthless about what I keep and what I toss out!

  3. How inspirational! I can never get enough of seeing fellow artist's work spaces...! Thanks for sharing.

    Ciao bella!


  4. It seems to me we can be tweaking and fine tuning our work spaces forever. Things just get better and better!


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