Friday, November 11, 2011

Extremely Silly Kitties the Cheater Way

I often find that it helps me to cheat a bit when I begin drawing, so for this attempt at IMAGINARY ANIMALS I began with a picture of kitty Trixie's furry face. With that photo in place, I did a bit of electronic drawing to make Miss Kitty into a variety of imaginary creations. This is better than Halloween, because she refuses to sit still for a real costume.

Try pasting a face - animal or otherwise - into your sketchbook and then creating a disguise for them. This takes the *known* and allows you to create the *unknown* with an increased comfort level, since at least one of the elements is familiar. I used my Wacom tablet because I want to continue to build dexterity, but it doesn't matter what platform you use. It's cheap and easy to make photocopies of your chosen face and come up with endless varieties of crazy bodies for your imaginary animals. Try Googling "crazy animals" or "imaginary animals" to get ideas for an array of shapes and appendages if you get stuck.


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