Saturday, November 12, 2011

Oceana and Terra

Hello all, Jill K. Berry here.
Today I decided to create some creatures using some products I have been wanting to try in my journal.
Using these books for inspiration, I began messing around with Pam Carriker's liquid pencils. I love, love, love graphite!

I used the shell thingy to inspire the shape of my critter.

Then I stuck on some adhesive letters to use as a stencil, and painted some more liquid pencil around the page.

I closed the journal to transfer the wet stuff to the next page, adding texture to the original.

This is the texture cold press watercolor paper makes.

Then I painted the sea critter with watercolors,

and closed the journal again to transfer them to the opposite page.

This land dude started to appear.

And there they were, Oceana and Terra, the mythical imaginary creature cousins.


  1. oh these are so fun!!! Love the land creature especially. Hadn't come across these 'liquid pencils', will have to investigate!

  2. Love that idea. I actually have this book: Heck's Pictorial Archive of Nature and Science. Amazing stuff check it out!

  3. This would make a great childrens book!

  4. This is really cool - I love how you created the first one and closed the book to transfer paint to the other page to start the other one - genius!

  5. Wow, my dreams look like this! Cool.


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