Sunday, November 27, 2011


Leslie here.  I love the idea of creating imaginary animals and my contribution to this whimsy is the, drumroll please, "Pincushadillo".  What is it, you say?  Well, I drew my vintage "head" pincushion, a holiday gift from my daughter, Luren, and joined it to a drawing of my tiny plastic armadillo.

For added whimsy, I purposely drew the head out of proportion to the dillo body.
Now, I'm beginning to work back into the drawing with my gouache paints.

In addition to the creature, I am adding some shadowing under her body to 
"ground" her to the painting.  Otherwise, she will look as though 
she is floating on the paper.

Her head was created from some sort of ribbed knit.
I'll add some lines to give a sense of the texture of the ribbing after the gouache dries.

I decided to use a pigma pen to add the ribbing to the head.
Also, I added more shadowing under the body.

Here she is!


  1. How fun to see your "walk-through" of the steps you took. Love your "Pincushadillo"!

  2. love how you showed us your process, and you animal turned out great

  3. Thank you! Making these imaginary creatures is a lot of fun. Try it!


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