Monday, December 19, 2011

Beach Journal Tutorial

Hello everybody, Jill K. Berry here.

This is sort of about decay, because I invented it when I had done an icky job on a piece of paste paper. I started adding blobs of paint and folding, and came up with this. I now call it the Beach Journal, and do it this way on purpose. You can see the finished journals here and here.

You start out by taking a paper four times the width you want for your journal plus 1". My journal is about 5 inches wide, so my paper is 21" long. The height is whatever height you want it. Mine is 7". My paper is 7" x 21".
Paint blue at the top and organic, not straight, lines of brown, green, and yellow, or whatever colors you imagine the beach to be.

Using a goo spreader or other sharp edged tool that won't rip the paper, pull up the paint in "grasses" from the bottom to the middle or a bit higher. Don't clean the tool as you work, so it adds all the bits of color in the strokes.

Gently press the paper in half, transferring the paint marks to each side.

Add salt or drips of isopropyl alcohol to the wet areas to add texture. When the paper is dry, wipe off the salt crystals.

I used a curved needle to push the ribbon in the spine and back out.

Here are the instructions to finish it up.
Beach Journal Assembly
Happy Journaling!


  1. It's beautiful - Can't wait to make one! Thanks so much for posting.


  2. Verrrry cool! :D Will definitely have to give it a go.


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