Saturday, December 31, 2011

Linda Kittmer's 2011 sketchbook journal

Sketchbook challenge participant Linda Kittmer created a wonderful fabric journal of the 2011 themes that she's given me permission to share with you all here on the Sketchbook Challenge blog:


Inside is a page for each theme in 2011:

January: Highly Prized

 February: Opposites

 March: Spilling Over

 April: Branching out/out on a limb
 May: resists

 June: Pathyways

 July: Elements

 August: every day objects
September: unfurled

October: views

November: imaginary animals
December: trashed, ruined and decay
You can read more about each of Linda's pages on her blog here.

Click here for a list of all the 2011 themes with a link back to the original post.


  1. This is so beautiful! What a great idea. I tried to leave a comment on her blog but couldn't. Hope she knows how beautiful it is.

  2. This is amazing - I'm a newbie and there seems to be a lot to live up to.

  3. wow! what a wonderful idea. gives me inspiration that maybe i can do something like that. :)

  4. What a great thing to do! I just love this!

  5. Thank you to everyone for the wonderful feedback. I'm off to start doodling!



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