Wednesday, December 14, 2011

making scrap paper books

This months theme is definitely one of my favorites of all the themes we’ve had so far.  I am endlessly entranced by old, weathered, decayed surfaces.  I find the textures and colors of these surfaces fascinating not only because of the colors and textures but because of the history they represent. 

So for this months theme I dug into my throw away pile of scrap papers that I use when I need a glue mask or scrap piece of paper to scribble a grocery list on and used them to make the pages of a book:

This is a really easy book to create and you’ll find the directions on how to make one here on my free projects page right at the top.   The directions are for a slightly larger book than the one you see here but the assembly directions are the same.  For the book that you see in this blog post I used painted silk fabric inspired by an old metal surface for the outside but you could just as easily use scrap papers from the recycle bin or some of your own painted fabric if you have some. 

I decided to fill this book with head maps inspired by one of the chapters from Jill K Berry’s new book Personal Geographies:

And I couldn’t resist making a box to store the book in.
Scrap paper silk book (5"x 5")  & Silk (hand painted) Box (6"x6"x 4")


  1. That box is lovely. What is it made from, polymer clay?

  2. HI Roberta - thank you! the box is made from painted silk

  3. These are beautiful Sue! I love that the book has its own box.

  4. I want to see MORE of the inside of the book!

  5. I love that you made a map, and a book and a box for the book that holds the map. And I want to see more too!

  6. Thanks Everyone! I'll post photos of the inside the next time we have a theme that they relate to.

    Jill: your book has really sparked a fascination with mapping as a journaling outlet for me!


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