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Sketchbook Challenge Workshops & More

Check out these opportunities to learn from the Sketchbook Challenge artists. 

We keep our commercial presence to one monthly post so that we can share other opportunities to take workshops, purchase art or enjoy other offerings from all of us. Check out our workshops and  books. Thank you for being a part of the Sketchbook Challenge! It's an honor to share this journey with you.


January 2012
Online Sketching & Watercolor: Journal Style
with Jane LaFazio starts January 24.
Jane will guide you through basic drawing, inking and a straight forward intuitive approach to painting with watercolor. This 6 lesson class is geared for beginners, but all levels are welcome! More info here.

January  2012 
Sue Bleiweiss will teach the Kitchen Foil Coptic Stitch Book at Ink About It in Westford MA on January 14.
In this workshop you’ll transform ordinary kitchen foil into a gorgeous coptic stitch book that lays flat when opened.  You’ll spend the first part of the day creating the covers for your book and then after a short break for lunch you’ll assemble your book using a single needle coptic stitch technique.  More info here.


January  2012
Playing With Paint with Lyric Kinard
an on-line class at Quilt University.
Four lessons over six weeks, beginning January 20th.

January  2012
STITCHED workshops with Alma Stoller, Kelli Nina Perkins and a total of 20 mixed media/fiber artists. Play for six months. Take one or all of the video workshops for one entry fee. Join in the forums to share and discuss your progress. 
More info here.

October 2012
Art Camp for Women. Make a space for art, come and play! Join me for a three day art SPREE in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. All supplies are included, just bring your jammies and let the creativity spill.


January/February 2012
Workshops with Susan Brubaker Knapp

presentation Feb. 16: Point, Click, Quilt!
workshop Feb. 18: Start With a Photo

Concord, NC presentation Feb. 13: Thread Sketch It!
workshop Feb. 14: Thread Sketching

Palmer Divide Quilt Guild, Palmer Divide, CO 
presentation Feb. 2, 2012: details TBA
workshop Feb. 3, 2012: Thread Sketching: Dragonfly
private workshop Feb. 4, 2012

Burke Quilters GuildMorganton, NC 
presentation Jan. 23, 2012: Yes, You Can Do Needleturn Appliqué!
workshop Jan. 24, 2012: Cripps Pink Apple

Mooresville Centerpiece Quilters Guild, Mooresville, NC 
presentation Jan. 9, 2012: Point, Click, Quilt!
workshop Jan. 30,2012: Surface Design Madness


June 2012

 Italy Illuminated with Diana Trout 
Join me in Fabriano Italy, June 20-28, 2012 for a sketching, painting, bookmaking, papermaking, illuminating trip! Our host is Giorgio Pelligrini, Director of The Museo della Carta e della Filigrana (Museum of Papermaking and the Watermark) in the historic walled city of Fabriano. Working in the spacious and beautiful library at the Museo will be interspersed with sketch and sightseeing tours around the area of LeMarche with a side trip to Perugia in Umbria.
More info here.

CCF03242011_00000March 31- April 7, 2012 
Join Pam Carriker in Cortona, Italy!
Derivan Liquid Pencils are a relatively new medium that takes sketching to a whole new place! With different tints in both permanent and rewettable formulas, they offer a wide range of creativity and allow you to ‘sketch’ without picking up a pencil! I’ve been working with the creators of Liquid Pencil and am excited to have a line of new products coming out that make this new medium especially user friendly to Art Journalers. If you love the look of sketching but are unsure of your drawing skills, this class will give you exactly what you need to begin sketching in a journal made with hot press watercolor paper.  As we gather memorabilia from our day trips, we will add them to the covers of our journals to finish off an artistic keepsake that will bring back the once in a lifetime memories of our time in Italy. 

Picture Yourself... among the sights and sounds of beautiful and romantic Tuscany: olive groves, vineyards, centuries-old buildings, winding streets, texture and vibrant sunlight. Feel the warm ambience of Cortona, overlooking Lake Trasimeno and the Val di Chiana, originally fortified by the Umbrians, claimed by the Etruscans, touched by the Renaissance.   Almost unchanged for centuries, Cortona is one of Tuscany's jewels. Experience...the joy of painting en plein air yourself in a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere with the expert instruction of a nationally known artist and instructor and the camaraderie friendship of a small group of learners and seekers. Enjoy...great Italian food, delightful wines, new friends, breath-taking vistas, history and the hospitality of the people of Cortona. More info here.

May - October 2012 
CREATE May 30-June 3 2012
Artful Gathering June 2012
Art Unraveled August 2012
Art Is...You October 2012


February 2012 
Join artist Carol Sloan at Artistic Artifacts on February 24 & 25, 2012 for a mixed media bookmaking class. "Bound By Heart, Made By Hand"
Put together a hand bound journal or artist book as you learn to integrate your personal keepsakes. You will learn how to construct a book using techniques that anyone can master. We will cover ways to add your vintage ephemera, add bits and pieces of lace, trim, fabric & fibers as well as treasured papers. Using acrylic mediums, we will make the outside of your book waterproof and extremely durable. Whether you use your journal to record your thoughts, do some urban sketching or jot down ideas for your next project, you’ll love the techniques that you learn AND go home with a “one of a kind” hand bound book that will be the envy of all your friends! 

June 2012
Join artist Carol Sloan at  “Art Camp For Women” on June 7-11, 2012 for brand new bookmaking workshop Simplified Bookmaking.”
I've created a special bookmaking project just for Art Camp that is sure to please everyone! We'll be learning three different binding teachniques, constructing personalized covers as well as learning tons of techniques to embellish the inside pages. This will be a great class for beginner bookmakers as well as advanced ones. Remember that you don't have to bring ANY supplies to Camp! We will have them all waiting on you. More info here.


January 2012
Exploring the Self-Portrait with Jane Davies
Starts January 2, 2012
There is something about self-portraits that is both compelling and intimidating. Have you ever thought about creating self-portraits but recoiled in fear of the idea?  Just what IS a self-portrait?  Does it have to be serious and introspective, revealing your innermost secrets?  Or can it be inquisitive, playful, experimental, or even silly?  In this workshop it can be all of the above.  We will explore the self-portrait through contour drawing, painting, and collage; we’ll deconstruct and reconstruct the self-portrait, create fantasy environments for it, layer one portrait over another, and generally use it as an anchor for discovering the expressive potential of our materials and imaginations. More info here.

Unlocking the Secrets of Color, Starts January 4, 2012
Color is one of the most immediate and emotionally affecting elements in visual art, packed with symbolic and cultural associations, personal meaning, and expressive potential. Your choice of colors can make or break a collage, painting, or mixed media piece; even a small change in color can be the key to transforming an otherwise so-so piece into a stunning work of art. In this workshop we will explore color through hands on exercises, learning how to mix them, and how they interact and relate to one another, and how they work in composition. After taking this workshop you will be on your way to making confident color choices and developing your personal color style. More info here.

October 2012
Abstract Landscape: Exploring Color and Composition, October 1, 2012
In this workshop we will discover the tremendous
versatility and power of the abstract landscape to evoke mood, memory,
and emotion. Through its simplicity we can explore the use of color and
principles of composition while mining our own personal and emotional
landscapes. We will begin with sketches, and proceed to small studies in
collage and paint. In the afternoon we will work on several larger pieces,
on paper or canvas (your choice), and plan to finish one, while leaving the
others open-ended. Working on a several pieces at once allows you the
flexibility to try out different approaches while giving your ideas some
breathing room. Come and immerse yourself in color and form, collage
and paint, exploration and discovery! More info here.

Plaster and Wax: An Encaustic Mixed Media AdventureOctober 2, 2012
Plaster and encaustic are two of the most ancient art
media. In this workshop we bring them together to create works of art rich
with layering, depth, and texture. The absorbency of plaster makes it
possible to use vibrant acrylic paints as well as watercolor to achieve
intense hues, while the subtle sheen of resin and beeswax gives luminosity
and depth to the surface. Working on birch plywood panels, we will also
explore a variety of media including oil pastels, graphite, foil, and alcohol
inks using techniques both familiar and experimental. Come join the
adventure in this exciting combination of plaster and wax! More info here.

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