Thursday, January 19, 2012

Doodles that Inspire

Susan Sorrell
- I was delighted about this month's theme since Doodling is my main inspiration for my artwork. I like the letting go and just playing with shapes and designs..never knowing what I will come up with. I try to fill up a page in my sketch book as a challenge to my creative side. As soon as the page is filled, I pull out my trusty isolation frame to find my ideas for my next painting or embroidery. 

Here are examples of my doodles and how I go about finding my next compositions. 

Once I decided, I make small drawings of what my compositions might  look like. Here I can play some more with the designs. 

Above is an example of ideas I have for some small paintings. I make several versions using my large doodle designs as a jumping off point.

 Above are some of the Doodle paintings I have been working on. 

(I like to paint when my hands begin to hurt from all of my hand embroidery. Also, I can see using these designs in my collages and mixed media pieces too.)

Here are somes pieces where I used a doodle as my inspiration and made it into a mixed media collages using paper, embroidery, beading and painting. 

Have fun with this month's theme.


  1. I love the way you use your doodles for fiber painting. What awesome colors!

  2. Oh this is wonderful. This is exactly what I have always loved about your work. Thanks for letting us into the process.

  3. Very cool to see the way your work. Your doodle paintings are fantastic!

  4. Looking at your doodles is making my hand itch for a sketchbook and pen - and so many ideas percolating. I like your cheerful colours. thanks for sharing.

  5. Hey Susan, good stuff. This will spur me on today. Thank you.

  6. Love this look inside your process Susan - very inspiring!

  7. great way of making your sketches earn their keep Susan!

  8. So many interesting sketchy works! I have left some on my blog at

    Maybe when I get brave, I will try Fickr!


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