Monday, January 16, 2012

doodling along

Laura C-W here after being AWOL too long. Thanks for your patience. 2012 is welcomed in my corner of the world. Although this month is moving right along, we'll just say the Year of the Dragon begins next week and start then, ok?
This month's theme of "doodling " has lots of us questioning: what is the difference, is there a difference between doodling, sketching and other types of informal mark making?

For me, doodles usually show up in the margins of other pages or occur when I am doing other things. (e.g. on the phone - especially when on endless "hold please" calls or teasing out my lists for the day, making notes about some thing or another. I'll spare you the pages that have those phone numbers and appointment notes, records that can be obscured by the mark-making .

Doodles are a way of keeping my hands busy, interacting with a surface, a mindless sort of activity that may or may not lead me to another visual place. Sketching is usually more intentional but the results are, at times, not as fun, playful or interesting.

At times doodling happens with "stuff" as an experimental process Something like this is probably not going anywhere except being added to the sketchbook as a record of attaching various surfaces.
On the other hand, anything can happen as we move along, keeping track, responding to prompts or just noodling about.
It's going to be a fun year as we play with different approaches and themes in the sketchbook process.


  1. Thanks, Laura, for sharing your process. Love the "doodle" done is "stuff". This is where I find one of the real values of doodling. In playing with new materials or new combinations of materials. Doodling gives you the permission to play, which is essential for real exploration.

  2. I love how organic and earthy your doodles and sketches are. It is funny how the mind changes gear from Doodling to Sketching and becomes more of a formal process! I'm looking forward to following the Sketchbook Challenge this year!


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