Monday, January 9, 2012

Doodling around with a new pen

Happy New Year!
Leslie here.  I just purchased a new Pitt Pen and I love it!  I thought I would share my first doodle in my newly stitched together journal.

I used a TAP paper transfer of a scanned photo,
then my new Copic marker airbrush and stenciled below it

The page is a watercolor paper that I added to my moleskin journal.
The color was a monoprint done quite awhile ago, and I doodled over the surface with my 
shiny new Pitt pen.  I love this pen!

Although I attempted to rotate the last image prior to creating the post, it is not cooperating.  The message is "work with intent"and the smaller print says "all good and meaningful work begins with this".
It is a bit of a mantra for me, and I feel it is important in my process, whether I'm doodling or working on something of greater import.  I remind myself of this frequently when the other cares of life invade my thoughts.  Staying "in the moment" and working with intent are important, both to my art, and to my sense of well-being.

I look forward to another exciting year with all of you in the sketchbook challenge!  Keep working, keep creating.  For those of you who are joining us anew, I am so glad you are here!


  1. Have heard other good reviews of the Pitt pen, too - good to know! And I just added it to my shopping list for "stuff", along with the Copic marker airbrush. Just read about TAP paper this a.m. over coffee - very fun stuff! Thanks for the reviews and your "in the moment" reminder - something I remind myself of more than once during my day!


  2. I've been using Pitt Pens for years and they are my favorite. You can use watercolor paint over them and they won't bleed, smudge or run! Great post!

  3. I love the way you doodled OVER something. It makes the lines so much more interesting. THanks for the reminder to work with intent. (Just don't confuse intention with specific goals). Thanks for the post!

  4. Love the Pitt pens. I have all sorts of colors and a few grays with the Big Nib. Love 'em. I'll have to check that TAP paper out. Oh yes, "intent"

  5. I have used the larger Pitt pens with the brush & chisel ends, but never the finer pointed pens. I really love them all! Have fun with the TAP paper! It is a cool layering tool, too.


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