Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Melinda Tidwell

Jane Davies here. A tiny bit late here for December's theme, Trashed, Ruined and Decay, but I thought it better late than never to introduce you to Melinda Tidwell, an artist I found on Flickr who makes beautiful collages out of discarded, or "trashed", books. First, some eye candy:

I love all the subtle off-whites in this one and the spare use of color:

Check out the stitching in this one:
Of her artistic path, Melinda says:

I was a computer graphics imagaing artist and designer for many years and gave it the heave ho in 2007. I took art classes at the local community college, painting and drawing, which was fun but all very realistic and traditional and I did not feel like this was my path. In 2010 I quit the college thing and just started doing collage on my own, in journals. I found a local artist, Lisa Kokin, who gave workshops on making art with books. That was key for me, because she was doing art that was more design-y and abstract. So this year I have been very dedicated with the collages and now i have enough work for a show, so I am starting to look for galleries.
For more detail go to her web site page, "About the Artist".

About working with books:
Working with paperback covers is very interesting. Coated card stock is a challenging material because its not porous. If you are going to overlap pieces, you have to sand the bottom piece so it will take the glue. But the sanding is very interesting! You can carve into it with a craft knife. You can add lots of creases. You can sew it. You can pull it up if you don’t like it. And, it is from a book so there are all kinds of words and images you can use.
I was particularly drawn to her comment about using text and images. For more on Melinda's process, click here.

About using sketchbooks: "I love the sketchbook idea cause you don’t worry if it’s not a final piece. It’s a great place to play!" My sentiments exactly!


  1. Really interesting. I like the work v. much and am off to follow the links.

  2. Very cool work, Melinda. and thanks Jane for introducing us. I enjoy the graphic look with the subtle color. I look forward to following the links!

  3. Oh Jane--I am IN LOVE! I am smiling down to my toes. Her work is wonderful.

  4. I have been a flickr fan of Melinda's for a long time - I love the almost, but not quite, monochromatic style she has. It's so graphic and simple but the compositions are never boring. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks for sharing such an inspired collage Artist. I love her primitive approach to the paper and collage.


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