Friday, January 27, 2012

Multi-Medium Doodling

Hello all, Jill K. Berry here.Add Image
Today I want to talk about drawing the same thing, with different mediums.
I made four rectangles in my journal, then found a tree stump to draw.
I drew the first one with graphite.

The second one with a pointed pen and walnut ink, a couple of hours later to let the light change.

The third one I did a bit later, with a Sketch and Wash Pencil.

The fourth one I used a shell and some gouache.

Four tree stumps, four mediums. Get out the stuff you have been meaning to try, and doodle your poodle! Or a tree stump, an apple, your kid, the UPS guy. Draw anything, it feels good.


  1. Love the variety...just shows what is possible with different mediums...great contrast!

  2. love that you did them side by side in your sketchbook! I also like that Sketch & Wash for certain applications.

  3. "doodle your poodle" now that made me smile.

  4. grand exercise. and i like how you laid them all out in your squares.

  5. Shell and Gouache. Love it!

  6. I second FryeStyle's comment. That last one is so cool!

  7. Your sketches are wonderful. Very inspiring!


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