Tuesday, January 17, 2012

structured doodles

Sue B here...

When I read Diana's theme pick for this month I was thrilled.  My first thought was “doodling - great, this will be an easy theme to work with!”   I'll doodle, flowers, and leaves and houses and all kinds of fun things!  I grabbed my sketchbook and a pen, opened to a blank page and ...


I could not get that pen to move across the page to save my life!  But why?  I love the theme and was so excited to get started but I just couldn't seem to get the pen to make a mark on the page!  Then I realized it was because I was hung up on the idea that the word "doodle" to me, meant random drawing or marks on the paper.  See, to me, doodling is something that is done without forethought of the outcome which is in direct opposition to how my brain works (and that comes from too many years of working in the real word!).  When I sit with my sketchbook  I am usually working through a new idea or designing a new quilt or making notes about a new technique I want to try.   So while these may not be the doodles that I thought I'd be drawing here's a look inside some recent pages of my sketchbook:


I love to sit with my ruler and circle templates and "doodle" these types of structured designs and at some point I may end up recreating these in fabric.   Hope your enjoying this months theme as much as I am!


  1. Sue, those doodles a so you. I can't wait to see what wonderful fiber art you create with those designs. They will be dazzling, like all your projects.

  2. I can see all the colors within your doodles in my mind. Neat idea with the geometric type shapes.

  3. This is like the anti-doodle. What a great idea!

  4. Sue, I just finished reading about Kandinsky and these "doodles" are so Kandinsky-like

  5. Kelli I love the "anti-doodle" name!

    Renate: I am a huge fan of Kandinsky and have spent a lot of time studying him. His work is definitely an influence for me.

  6. I love the way this theme is opening up the concept of "doodling". Thanks for your take on it, Sue. Beautiful stuff!


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