Friday, January 20, 2012

Ten Little Things: Just Begin

I am a long time follower of Michael Nobbs--a delightful artist trying to support himself through sustainable creativity. He is a fountain of terrific ideas. I loved his Ten Things post, so wanted to try it for myself.

Here are his rules (modified):

1. Set your timer for 10 or 15 or 20 minutes. I think ten is sufficient.
2. Quickly gather ten things from any room in your house. Ransack cupboards and drawers. Don't think too hard about what you are picking out. Although if you pick out the cat, don't expect it to stay in one place. Inanimate objects are better.
3. Draw them.
4. Sit back and admire your handiwork and smart thinking!

It doesn't matter if you draw them well, just draw them. This is the practice of sketching and it's good for you. So eat your drawing vegetables and hush.

 For my ten things, I grabbed some objects from my bathroom. Not too sexy, but challenging. I worked from a photo instead of the physical objects, since I am still learning how to "see" things. I find it easier to draw when the objects are already rendered flat or 2-D on paper. You may lecture me at another time. Right now I'm busy drawing.

Even though I'm working on a tablet, I still started with a pencil outline--sketching in object placement and shape. Then I moved to a virtual fine marker, erasing my original pencil lines.

I'm not good with fussy detail, so not everything in my final drawing matches my toiletry object arrangement. 

Finally, I overlaid my drawing with watercolors, adding a light gray wash where the shadows show up in my image.

Now it's your turn. No time? Find three things, or a couple....or just one, and draw. The rules are simple: just begin!


  1. Thanks, Kelli. This is AWESOME! I've bookmarked the Sustainable Creativity site, and I'm sure I will refer to it often. Love your ten things thing.

  2. Kelli, what pen are you using on your tablet?

  3. cool information--motivating--thanks, Kelli!

  4. Too much fun! I know what I'm doing this afternoon.

  5. The pen came with the Wacom Cintiq and I've got my software set to pencil for the undlerlayer and fine point marker (like a pitt pen or micron or fine sharpie) for the main drawing. I am a fan of PENS :)

  6. what a great idea Kelli. You make me want to take the tablet I bought out of the box and start using it!

  7. I love this idea Kelli! And the tablet...waahhhh wahhh, now I want one!


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