Saturday, January 21, 2012

Turning Doodles into Art

Lyric here. I'm still doodling away - and thought I'd show you what I do with some of my doodles. I always have my little sketchbook with me and often will just play around with a shape or an idea or an image.

In this case I was playing with circles. Big circles, little circles, circles in a grid, circles in random places.

From a large series of circle scribbles I chose three that relate to each other in some way but have different scales and different visual textures. One scribbled and bold, one orderly, and one delicate.

Next I cut them out of my sketchbook, scan them and print them out in different sizes, then create a thermofax screen with each one. Now the fun really starts!

I gather up fabric that catches my fancy and use the screens to print or discharge those doodles onto the cloth. The cloth above was discharged with Cascade Dishwashing Gel. (You can find a tutorial here.)

Circles by Lyric Montgomery Kinard
Eventually this particular batch of fabric is put together into a lovely little abstract piece of art.

What ways can you think of to make use of your doodling?


  1. Fantastic Lyric, the new fabric/design s terrific...luvverly piece

  2. I love how the final design turned out. I, too, have turned doodles into art. You can see them here

    just scroll past the Christmas goodies. :-)


  3. I turn mine into beading and embroidery patterns, bookmarks, transfers for etching or carving polymer clay and (sometimes) web design elements for my blog, web site or online classroom.

  4. Love the juxtaposition of the circles with crystalline formations and angular shapes in some of the fabrics (I think it's fabric) in the second piece. Nice!!

  5. Such a simple idea, but how effect and complex the finished project is. FANTASTIC!

  6. Lovely colours, my favourites.

  7. My doodles often become the basis for watercolors. I love the way yours turned to art...lovely.

  8. wonderful post and you've turned out some beautiful results with this technique~!!~
    thank you also, for asking the question. i do need to think about what more can be done with my sketchwork . . . and as a beginning to that end, i decided to try incorporating my doodles into some of my digital art. i had fun playing and would love it if you visited to see what i came up with.



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