Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Unleashing The Doodle Beast

Carol here.

Diana has unleashed a beast this month with the "doodling" theme.
I love it as much as everyone else does!
We all love it as it fits so many of the marks that we make, right?
It's innate, it's something that all of us do -

We doodle.

I doodled a portion of my lunch salad.

 I put a doodle twist on a bird from the pasture that we were hiking around.

And I doodled a wonky little flower in my yard this fall.

I took this flower drawing/sketch a little farther and made a thermofax screen out of it.
I use this screen in many different applications but so far my favorite is to layer it in a mixed media background.

Try using your sketches in different ways - as an element in a collage, background layer, central image in a piece of artwork or as a thread sketch (like Susan did in her earlier post).

I also made separate thermofax screens out of these simple doodles.

My plan is to screen these, in a collage type manner, onto a ready made tee shirt or a biking skirt.

Here is how a couple of the screens turned out - I used a new paint (new to me anyway). Pantone Images Artist Acrylics. I bought mine at Hobby Lobby with coupons but Dick Blick has very competitive prices.
 (I don't receive a kick back if you purchase from the link)
I love the thick consistency of the paints and will probably purchase some more colors along and along. (My husband isn't reading this, is he?)

Pantone Images Artist Acrylic paint - Chili Pepper

Here's another one - I added a plop of the Pantone paint called Bright Chartreuse. Its a bold, bright green that I love.

If I can get this stack of paperwork handled, I want to work on a collage with the screens.
If I can manage that, I'll be sure to post photos of it - maybe on the Flickr site.
Unleash the Doodle Beast!


  1. I need to start doodling, drawing, and journaling. Can you kick my butt and get me started? Love your doodles! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I have been working hard on taking one doodle and creating new designs from it specifically for Thermofax screen printing. It is soooo much fun!!!


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