Thursday, January 12, 2012

Welcome to My World of Doodles

Jamie Fingal checking in for my first post in 2012.  Happy to be here for another year!  We're gonna have some fun.  One of my most favorite things to draw are doodles - they are very freeing, and they don't have to necessary be for something, just plain fun!  A page out of my sketchbook using a blue Sharpie pen.  No pencil lines to guide me, just simply drawing freely with the Sharpie.  It is quite captivating to just draw with one color and not to have to make any decisions about other colors to add.
I actually love to doodle - it takes me someplace else as draw each part and then bring it altogether with another design. 
 I also love to doodle with a sewing machine needle, called "free motion quilting" - black thread on cotton sheen.  No plan in mind, I just turned on the machine and went for it.  This is actually a practice piece that I did with an HandiQuilter 16 - my first try out of the gate.  The stitches just flowed so beautifully.
Another view of doodling with my sewing machine needle.  I love the texture that is created by the thread into the fabric, that is backed with wool blended felt.
This fun doodle is drawn on a canvas apron with Sharpies.  I was sitting with my friends at Create in Chicago in 2010, and just doodled away to dress up my new apron. 
A corner of my studio with furniture that is covered with doodles using acrylic paint. 
This is a black out curtain that hangs in what we call the "art" room in our house.  The ultimate doodle painted on primed canvas with acrylic paint.


  1. I love the home decorations you have done using acrylic paint ... Your art must a bright, and happy place.

  2. I really like the doodles, especially the ones done on the sewing machine, I've been enjoying doing some recently and would love to venture out and do something on a piece of furniture.

  3. Wow, Jamie, I wanna spend time at your house! What a magical place you've created there.

  4. Great free motion doodles! The HQ16 is sure a fun way to doodle too!

    Love the black out curtain!

  5. Love all you Doodles - Now I have to work out where I am meant to post them for the Challenge :)

  6. LOVE the furniture and the curtain. Home dec gone a little wild - what a happy home environment.

    How do you like the HQ16? I have one - and after a bumpy start (it helps to read the manual!) now I love it!!!

  7. Jamie I love your doodles & think the furniture could take me to a happy place to be more creative. What fun bright pieces. I have some doodles & drawings on my blog but not sure how to post them. Thanks for sharing your wonderful work.

  8. wow, you made me want to doodle all over some boring old furniture. May I ask if you just go at the furniture with acrylic paint or prime first?


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