Monday, February 6, 2012


Carol Sloan here.
I love Kelli's theme this month! There are so many ways that we can all interpret this in our sketchbooks.

Let me show you one of the ways that I incorporated the theme into a piece that I am working on.
I guess that I am just about as busy as all of you are, working on several things at once and trying to figure out a way to combine a couple of them.
This month's theme actually triggered an idea for another theme piece that I am working on - gotta love those kinds of synchronicity!
Here is a drawing that I had already done.

This is a Crown Imperial (F. imperialis), a common variety of Fritillaria. I love the drooping flowers, the bright wavy leaves and the strong stems.
I drew this from looking at an old bulb catalog (circa 2005). I originally drew it on a double page spread of a handmade sketchbook.
Then I realized that I needed it to be much larger.  I scanned it into my computer. In order to get the height that I needed, I had to print the top half on one sheet of paper and the bottom half on another sheet of paper. That is what you see in the above photo.
I cut the paper down in order to make it easier to deal with and to make sure it was the correct size.
I used matte medium to do an image transfer onto my painted surface.

And, as usual, changed my mind about it.
Decided that I didn't really like it.

(thank goodness I always begin two pieces at the same time! I experiment on one and save the other for the "real" piece).

All the while I was thinking about this month's theme at this blog. Thinking there should be some way to combine the two...


Enter "close up".

I decided to draw the flower much, much larger (close up if you will) and try that placement.

Here is a shot of how that looked (after I cut it out of my sketchbook!).

You can see the difference in the size in the photo above. I cut it out to decide if the size was appropriate for what I had in mind. 
If I decide to proceed with this, I'll draw the flower onto the actual canvas piece.
But I am going to let it sit on my studio table a day or two before I commit to it though...

Are you continuing to flex your creative muscles?
Try sketching somewhere every single day! You can spend five minutes a day doing this. You will be shocked at how much you will improve not only your drawing skills but your skills of observation as well!


  1. I love the detail, movement and line quality of your flower drawing!

    You've inspired me to go grab some of the new garden catalogs I've just got in the post and search for images.

    What about pushing the close-up even further? Larger than life aka Georgia O'Keeffe but of course, in your own wonderfully creative style.

    This time of year there aren't any flowers around here in Canada, but perhaps a trip to the local botanical gardens with a camera in hand to take reference shots and do some sketching? Sounds like a homeschool field trip for the girls and I! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Beautiful, Carol! I just purchased a very cool book called "The Art of Instruction", a collection of vintage illustration charts. I am inspired by your drawing and think I'll visit this book for an idea.

  3. Thanks for reminding me to use a drawing that I like more than once, or in different sizes. love the flower too

  4. I love the idea of cutting the picture out, very effective.


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