Monday, February 20, 2012

It's in the Details

Jamie Fingal checking in on 'Close Up.'  As many of you know, my main medium is fabric and stitch, and I often draw with my needle on my sewing machine to free motion quilt my designs.  My hope is that the viewer would have to come closer to really see the details.

This piece is made entirely out of silk.  It takes the thread incredibly well, and creates alot of texture.  You can see the details in the stitching as I draw my designs on the flowers and around the background.

Here is the back - it's wool blended felt

Up close on the details of the stitching
Here is another example of the way that I draw with my needle, using black thread, almost like I am drawing with a pen.

And another.  This was an experiment to stitch the entire piece first - sort of a doodle with my sewing machine needle.  Black thread on white fabric.  And then go back into the piece and paint it with acrylic paint.  It's a work in progress

But, if you turn it over, you get this lovely design of texture, that is created by the free motion machine quilting using gray thread.


  1. I often love the backs of these type of pieces even better than the fronts. Nice work.


  2. LOVE looking at the backsides up CLOSE!! Quite amazing that you sketch so much detail with the thread and it looks fantastic!!

  3. wonderful Jamie! Needle and thread is my favorite way of sketching too. Looking forward to seeing all the color on the second piece.

  4. Wow!...warm and happy looking, love it.

  5. Beautiful! I love your use of color and texture!

  6. I am one who would step in to take a closer look.

    I love that you've put the idea of paying attention to the details here it's one of the ideas that makes the theme close up so intriguing

  7. Jamie this is fantastic - I am in awe of your free motion skills!


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