Thursday, February 9, 2012

Up Close and Personal

(Lyric here.) RIGHT UP CLOSE is the way I really like to see things.
I focus in so close on the details that sometimes we'll be traveling and my husband will take the camera away just to take one picture of where we are.

I'll take a tiny thing and blow it up huge in a work of art. When one of nature's tiny gems fills your entire frame of vision it gains a grandeur and beauty that can be shared.
Dream by Lyric Kinard
The ocean is gorgeous - but so are the ripples right under your feet.
Leftovers by Lyric Kinard
UP CLOSE is one of the reasons I love hand work. The slowness, the concentration on detail, feeling the thread and the cloth in your hands.... it's all about the details.
Family Ties III by Lyric Kinard

Now - pick up your sketchbook and look around. I'm sure there is something RIGHT  THERE that is worth drawing.
There is inspiration everywhere if you look CLOSELY! 


  1. it must be karma that I logged into my blog today just to hang onto is my therapy and your post was just what I needed to see and hear today!!! beautiful! thank you.

  2. I take those same pictures!! I love tiny stuff best-I've always said it's because I'm short so I look closer to the ground-lol! And I love the beach ripples, too-same photos in my stash-now have a clue for next steps. I also find the best treasures-nests, turtle shells, stones, what have you, but I may miss the huge view...

  3. Thank you, Lyric. What a lovely reminder. I wish my chickens would stand still long enough for me to photograph them at all, but their feet are especially gorgeous.


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