Saturday, February 25, 2012

Up Close, Imaginary Worlds

Hi all, Diana here. This theme reminded me of my teenage drawings. I drew everyday objects HUGE and then tiny people having all sorts of adventures. Coffee cups with ladders and diving boards and people climbing up and diving in was one of my favorite themes.

I still do this as evidenced above in the close up of a meadow with a wee house hidden among the flowers.

I rooted around in my very old sketchbooks and found one drawing (pencil) that dates from the early 70's (gawd). In the top one, you can just make out the swimming scene. We have someone holding his nose and jumping into a little puddle on a leaf, someone in the puddle and someone climbing out, dripping. These are such fun to do!

This sketchbook page was covered with a drawing of a flowering vine and there are all sorts of scenes in there.
 I've always loved cats.

I've used this as a scale exercise when working with kiddos. I love the children's book Wendell, by Eric Jon Nones about a cat who is the only family member who can see the tiny creatures carrying away the aspirin, monkeying with the tv antennae and other hijinks.

The small top painting was done on a bit of watercolor paper that I glued into my Smash Book. I've been hugely enjoying this journal (guilty pleasure) and you can read my review of them here on my blog.

I've just started a new series on my blog called Taming the Critic. I invite you to come on over and join us. There is nothing to sign up for and it is free of charge. Here is the first post (and there are a couple of more recent ones.)

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  1. You need to look at the book ZOOM. It's all about perspective and looking at things close up. I love it. I used to use it with my students. You can see images here:


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