Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine card & envelope tutorial

Jane LaFazio here.
Make a Valentine and matching envelope using a page from your sketchbook. Above is a  cropped photo of my layered valentine page. You'll see how I produced and printed cards and envelopes using a photo of this page.
IMG_1484 IMG_1485
hearts doodle 
As you'll see in this post, the layered journal page is made from a doodle on  one page in my sketchbook and then covered with a sheet of vellum, with more ink drawings, filled with color pencil.
Envelopes: I photographed the ink doodle page, then, using Photoshop (filter: stamp)  to simplify  the drawings. Then I printed it out in black and white on regular printer paper, and then cut envelopes using the envelope template I found online.
Cards: To make the cards, I printed out the image in color on card stock. I made both postcards and folded cards, both to fit the envelopes.

hearts velum
the vellum overlay. ink and color pencil
hearts layered

tiles tile velum
Here' are the other pages of mine from my Strathmore Visual Journal (9x12). The doodles, painted with watercolor on one page, and the overlay of vellum, with more ink drawings (and colored with color pencil)
tiles layered

flowers  flower velum
flowers layered

doodle page step  1 velum


doodle page step  1 velum and brads
I used Strathmore Translucent Vellum and it took ink beautifully. ( I see they have inkjet and laser vellum too , but I haven't used it.) To fasten the vellum to the sketchbook page, I used a tiny hole punch and tiny brads. You could just staple it too.

Happy Valentines Day!


  1. A wonderful layering technique. Thanks for sharing Jane!

  2. Lovely!! Thanks for the envelope pattern. I have a question. I have the Sketchbook logo on my blog, and was wondering if there is anyway to make it smaller. My computer skills are certainly improving but still somewhat limited!!!!

  3. Jane,

    Thanks for this tutorial, love the little red critters.

  4. Lovely cards, and an interesting technique.


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