Saturday, February 18, 2012

Watercolor Meditation

Watercolor by Lyric Kinard
(Lyric here.) I've been thinking of all the different ways you can look at something "close-up." Sometimes it means taking something tiny and blowing it up huge. But sometimes it is just as much about taking the time to simply look closely.

Holly Berries by Lyric Kinard
I'm new to watercolors so I am slow to begin with - but each of these little pages from my sketchbook are a snapshot of something I've gotten close to. Instead of painting the whole holly tree I snip off a twig and spend time sketching it. Then I take an hour or two and work my way section by section through the leaves and berries with my colors and brush.

Leaf by Lyric Kinard
My favorites to paint are the autumn leaves. Each one is a riot of color and I find great beauty in the patterns of the veins, the texture of decay, the feel of each edge. I enjoy my time getting very up-close to these little treasures. I have to really, truly, look very closely. I have to slow down and observe each line and dot. 

It's a pleasure to get up close and personal as I sketch and paint. The world seems to stop revolving for a moment. I'm able to live in the moment. It seems these days of rushing from one thing to the next in my busy schedule that taking brush in hand is one of the only ways I can take time to breathe.

How do you stop time?
What is it you want to observe closely?


  1. I start off trying to paint look closely and be strict, then it always ends up being textural. Your paintings look resolved & have form beautifully drawn

  2. What a lovely way of describing that slowing down, focusing thing that happens when you draw or paint from observation. It can happen also when working from the drawing itself, but that close observation really demands that attention, leaving your busy schedule behind. Thanks. Beautiful work, as always.

  3. Brilliant paintings Lyric...really like this style.

  4. I love the leaves, what a great idea. They would each make a wonderful picture to frame. I love Holly and when I decorate at Christmas I would love to replace some of my regular pictures with something like that. Great inspiration thank you

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  7. Your watercolor work with these leaves is breathtaking!! Gorgeous!

  8. That leaf is gorgeous! What amazing detail-- texture and color!


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