Monday, February 27, 2012

Working Large, Up Close

 Hi, Jane Davies here.  One challenge I set for myself for 2012 is to work large, say over 11"x15".  I did my first post here, last month, about re-arranging my studio to make room to work large.  And then I posted a video of myself actually getting down to it, which you can see here. I used 18"x24" cheap drawing paper as if it was a sketchbook, and did one after another large "painting sketches" in a black and white palette.  One point I want to make about this is that sketchbook is a mindset.  Since I am in the habit of using my sketchbook to generate ideas, it was not a big leap to translate this attitude into working on the wall!

So now I am starting to make big pieces, 22"x30", and I'm noticing that one thing that is different from working smaller is that I am CLOSER to the piece, in relation to its size.  I can work up close, then step back and get perspective, then move up close again.  This is just so obvious to anyone working at this size, but since I almost never have, it was a revelation.  So... here is another video, this time it is me working up close on the piece you see above.

You probably would not have guessed, but the piece below is actually the piece I'm working on in the video.  Still "in progress", I think.  I did not mean to obliterate the yummy bits of the image above, but that's what happened.  I'm going to let it rest a while before continuing.

Meanwhile, here are two more in progress.  I think you can see that I'm out there, unsure, in very strange territory.

If anyone has any tips on working large, I'm all ears. Thanks for visiting.


  1. I'm watching and saying "Step Back Jane" STEP BACK (oops, is that yelling?) You could step back before and during your covering actions.
    I think you might be missing the development and sensibility that you're used to achieving in smaller pieces where you've developed your own successful shorthand.
    Following this with great interest, I am, Peg.

  2. One thing I miss about Life Drawing classes is not being able to work big and at an easel in my tiny space. I like the freedom of big gestural marks.
    Good for you.

  3. I like what yoiu are doing a lot. Thank you for sharing.


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