Friday, March 23, 2012

Forcing Flowers

Jane Davies here.  Flowers seem like such a lovely subject, approachable and friendly.  But somehow I have been avoiding it.  I realized that in my former life as a freelance artist I probably got way more than my fill of doing floral designs for various products.  Fabric, paper goods, ceramic dishes, scrapbook papers, etc.

"Rhythm in Motion" for Free Spirit Fabrics
Floral design, never licensed
Ceramic design, ages ago, for PTS America


Here is a sample of a card kit I did for a company that sold digital paper craft kits

Click here to download.

Part of a ceramics and tabletop collection for Department 56
Part of a digital scrapbook collection
Paper Tableware layout, not yet licensed

 Here is a look at what I did:

But, given the whole premise that the Sketchbook Challenge is about challenging yourself, I did, in fact, FORCE myself to really draw some flowers in my sketchbook.

Here is the sketchbook page after I did a few more things to it:

I still can't get this new Blogger layout thing right.  FYI, I used Holbein oil pastels, a Pitt Pen, a little bit of Cray Pas white oil pastel, and for the gold wash I used Golden Quinacridone Gold acrylic.


  1. First, I watched your video and I love it!! beautiful. It's fun to watch your mind work the composition.
    and WOW, look at your portfolio of past work. very impressive dear Jane D. thanks for sharing a bit of your past......

  2. This is going to be one of my most favorite flowers of our month's theme. Again it was so much fun and so enlightening to see you working. I didn't know you could wash acrylic over oil pastels. When it was done how did you "fix" it?

    Thanks for another great post.

  3. I love seeing how people approach a topic in so many different ways!


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