Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pages from my Sketchbook

Jamie Fingal checking in.  I've been doing alot of waiting and sitting for a few weeks and decided I would make better use of some of my time by drawing, instead of playing solitaire.  I always carry some sort of journal with me, just in case.

I had this little journal made with scraps of watercolor paper, with the grids pre-drawn, so I enjoyed drawing in a small space, because it didn't seem so overwhelming, at the time.  Start small, and then work your way to BiG?

Okay, graduated to a larger journal, feeling like I wanted to expand my horizons.  This could be a future art quilt, or perhaps some fabric made on Spoonflower!  The possibilities are endless.
Still working on this one, but I think the flowers are really different and fun

An earlier drawing in the same journal, that just makes me happy


  1. Hey Jamie, I'm loving your doodles. I am a doodler too,and find that it is addictive.
    Love all of your leaves and flowers. YUM!!

  2. what a cute little journal
    altering the size of work is a great way to keep things fresh

  3. Jamie, these drawing are fantastic. Very intoxicating and inspiring.
    Happy sketching,

  4. Lovely designs - each one in its own right or as an inspiration to be expanded on.


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