Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Open a Sketchbook

Hi all, Diana here today with a video. A pile of different sketchbooks that I've used and descriptions. Perhaps it will be of help the next time you go shopping for a new book to work in! Enjoy ...


  1. Love your journals. It has inspired me. I am not a drawer but I like to doodle and like the idea of the smash books (maybe a good place for me to start) Thanks for sharing. I enjoy you videos'

  2. I loved all of the journals. Never heard of Smash books, but they seem like a good idea, and I am getting one tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Loved the video and seeing all your journals. I am not consistently into journaling but try. Thanks a bunch. Now I have some ideas for using all the pretty scrapbook papers I bought Make my own Smash journal

  4. I always LOVE your videos-I learn so much and your style gives me so much permission. Here's a possible solution to your moleskine dilemma: acquire a new landscape watercolor moleskine, turn it 90 degrees. Voila! A portrait moleskine! I hope this helps.


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