Monday, April 16, 2012

Opening the Box

(Lyric here) I've been thinking about my favorite subject again. Why is it that people are afraid of drawing? I say this almost every time I open my mouth in a lecture or class. We have to give ourselves permission to be imperfect. We have to give ourselves time to learn. I think it's crazy that we assume we are not an artist if we can't automatically draw the first time we pick up a pencil. We don't expect a food lover to be a Chef until after they've trained. We don't call someone an author without them first having learned to read and write and compose.

Here I am an artist- and I have to admit that I'm sometimes guilty of it myself. I sketched all the time but was afraid to draw a face because - well - it's HARD! I finally stopped whining about it and decided to 

The goal was to draw a face a day for a year. I'm not so good at consistency when it comes to things like daily tasks - there is is too much "life" going on at my house. But I did fill the box. And I'm still doing it. I used 3x5 cards instead of sketchbook because they are not "precious." They are kind of junk paper. You can't ruin something if it's already junk right? 

Guess what - it's paying off.  

The time and effort and the work, work, work.  It's paying off.
More than once in the past few weeks I've held up a sketch to show a member of my family and they immediately knew who it was. That's huge progress here. :-)

Mind you - it's by no means effortless. I still have a long way to go but it's such a fun journey to be on. What pleasure to open the box and see how far I've come.

How about you?
For those of you who followed along last year - have you seen the fruits of your efforts?
What is easier now that you've put in some time doing the WORK?


  1. Re my progress in a year? Thanks to Sketchbook Challenge I finally allowed my "inner artist" to come out and play. It has been wonderful fun opening up new ideas, thoughts, and concepts. Thanks to ALL of you for your tutoring along the way.

  2. This post couldn't have come at a better time. I was getting discouraged from my lack of progress lately and you reminded me to keep trying. So thank you :)
    Love this blog.

  3. awesome to see the progress from simply drawing a face a day for a year. its amazing how you can surprise yourself by just committing to doing something.

  4. Let's ALL make t-shirts that say "Just Do The Work" on them, shall we? It is so true, and yet each of us lose track of this at one time or another. Thank you for bringing up this topic again, Lyric. We all need to JDTW!

  5. I recently bought a tin purely because I liked it and with no purpose in mind.
    I was experimenting with drawing my Doodly Birds then cutting round them, with a view to building up pictures that our little scenes.
    I automatically started putting the little creatures in my tin and am building up my collection so that I can dip in anytime I need one.
    Thanks for inspiration to do one a day, that's a great plan.

  6. Interesting post. Im finding it difficult to do anything in my sketchbook at the moment for this theme...and have no idea why!

  7. Hi Lynn I just read your comment about your tin, what a lovely idea!

  8. All those little portraits look fantastic. Well done for sticking to it for a whole year. Very inspirational. Sarah

  9. Thank you for sharing - I love this idea.

  10. Seeing your progress is helping me dare to dream that I might one day draw faces... I might just try your approach! Thanks for the insight and the kick in the rear.


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