Saturday, April 21, 2012

opening a new sketchbook

Sue B here...  I decided to approach this months theme by opening up a new sketchbook and prepping all the pages for some doodles and sketches to be added later.  I started by using my bind it all to make a new spiral bound sketchbook using some pieces of watercolor paper that were left over from other book making projects.  I trimmed them all to be the same height and then bound them into a book:

Then I filled a jar with water and broke out my favorite watercolors and brushes and just started splashing color onto the pages.

I didn't even wait for the pages to dry before moving onto the next one.  I like to do this because to me, nothing is more daunting than a plain white piece of paper.

Getting some color onto the pages first gives me a background to build up from later and I never have that plain white page staring back at me when I open the book.  This is also a great way to get your creative juices flowing when you're in a creative dry spell. 

Once I was done, I opened a bottle of Iridescent medium that I bought ages ago but never got around to using and went back and added a swipe here and there to some random pages just to add a little shimmer.  I have to say this is a pretty cool product and now that the bottle is open I don't expect it to stay full for very long.  It adds a nice hint of glimmer to the page.  You can mix it into your paint or brush it on afterwards which is what I did.

Now I have a new prepped sketchbook filled with colorful pages that will inspire me each time I open it to a new page to sketch, doodle or collage over.


  1. Love this exercise re preparation - it not only prepares a new sketchbook but also jumpstarts the creative mind. Plan to do that on a new book today. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for sharing, I have been collecting goodies and paper and couldnt seem to figure out where to start, this sounds good..

  3. Its' a great way to get going without any particular format in mind - like a creative exercise.

  4. I like this idea. It may inspire me to start instead of just lurk.

  5. I like preparing sketchbooks first but usually just use white gesso....perhaps now I will try colour...thanks for the tip.

  6. I love this idea! I often get that blank white page fear you describe. This will really help with that - thanks!!


  7. What a cool idea! I love it. You have given me the urge to go out and buy a sketchbook of my own and do something similar. Thanks for the concept!


  8. Thanks for all the great comments everyone - I'm so happy to know that I've inspired some of you to open your sketchbooks too!

  9. Love how you prepared with an uncertainty of what each one will become. Enjoy


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