Saturday, April 7, 2012

Opening a Spontaneous "Sketch Wall" with Chalkboard Paint

Leslie here.  I recently surprised one of my daughters by painting an upstairs room and moving her bedroom into it before she came home for spring break from college.  We had been discussing the move for a while, but no one could get motivated.  That is, until I decided it would be cool to smooth out one of the walls and paint it with chalkboard paint!  Yowza!  Things started to move pretty fast after that....
The two end walls are painted deep gray, and the wall opposite the chalkboard is a dusty magenta.
The painted desk is a project the two of us worked on together many years ago.
I love how it looks against that gray wall!

The blackboard wall looked so awesome and dark, but I had to "mess it up" by priming it with the side of a piece of chalk prior to drawing anything else on it.

I quickly drew a "headboard" for her bed on the wall.  I did this right before I left to pick her up from the airport...

Here she is seeing it for the first time.

During the week of spring break she and her many New York friends who came to spend the week with us had a a lot of fun drawing crazy stuff all over this wall.  I'm so happy I decided to use the chalkboard paint!


  1. this is a wonderful idea!! thank YOU!!

    at the new year I painted a wall with whiteboard paint but it ends up NOT working as things don't come off.

    I just cleared the wall over my bed and this gives me a great idea for how to make it a "movable feast of art" [well, mayBE NOT "art" but fun that can change as the spirit moves me!!]

  2. What a great idea! I love the headboard you drew on the wall!

  3. That is so cool.
    What a great idea

  4. I'm glad you like it! Be sure to follow the directions for "curing" the chalkboard paint as this is essential to being able to remove the chalk. It is easy, but important! Let me know when you have some chalkboard walls of your own!

  5. I simply LOVE this! fabulous, Leslie!


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