Saturday, May 12, 2012

digital fruit sketches

Sue B here...

Inspired by Kelli's digital sketching I have been experimenting with some sketching apps on my Ipad.  I've tried out a bunch of them but have been frustrated by how complex some of them are until I tried Paper by FiftyThree.  I downloaded the free version to try it out and ended up buying the complete version a few hours later.  I like it because it's simple to use, has a limited color and tool palette and doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles to navigate through.   Here's a few of the quick fruit sketches I did with it:

The app lets you email the sketches as .jpg's (which is what I did to transfer them to my Mac) or you can post them to your camera roll,  facebook, twitter or tumblr. Now that these are on my Mac I can print them out onto any substrate I want.

I love avocado's, but gosh they are a challenge to sketch!

I should mention that I'm using a Pogo sketch stylus with my Ipad to do these sketches.  

 I'll never give up my real watercolors and paper sketchbooks but I'm definitely warming to digital sketching.  I think it's because there's less pressure when working on a piece of digital paper than on a piece of real paper. 


  1. Sue you didn't identify yourself on this post. The simplicity of these sketches is very appealing. Thanks for the info on the app and stylus too.

  2. whoops! thanks for pointing that out Julie-Anne - I added my name to the post :)

  3. You are having way too much fun with that app. I like the sketches.

  4. I agree about the lack of pressure with digital sketching - so much easier to rub out and start again.

    I did my own digital sketch of a pear this week.


  5. oooh, I'm inspired since I do everything on my ipad now including my blog (you know about the blogsy app, right?) I have several drawing apps and a cool drawing pen so may start playing with it. I did download this app and will try it. Thanks!

  6. Sarah your digital sketch is terrific!

    Sandra thanks for that blogsy tip, I didn't know about that app.

  7. Sarah, I like your digital sketching very much. I use artrage4 on my iMac with a wacom tablet. I have used the program for drawing not much for sketching, yet.


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