Friday, June 22, 2012

Scribbling as Graffiti

Jane Davies here.  I've had a hard time relating to "urban" anything, but was intrigued by this challenge.  I see that "urban sketching" has morphed into graffiti, which I'm not sure exactly what that means.  But in the spirit of mark-making, I'll just share what I've been doing: SCRIBBLING.  This is my form of graffiti in my sketchbook or on loose sheets of paper.  Just making marks, seeing what they do, how different lines and shapes dance together or avoid each other. 
Layered Blind Scribble

Layered Blind Scribble

Scribble Painting, 10"x10"

Scribble Painting, 9"x12"

Encaustic Scribble Painting on Paper, 8"x8"

Postcard, encaustic on paper, 6"x4"

Scribble Painting over gel print, 9"x12"
Thanks for visiting.  When in doubt, MAKE MARKS!


  1. Love your scribble paintings and drawings! Great way to interpret the theme.


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