Thursday, June 7, 2012

More Urban Sketching

Carol Sloan here.

I've been beating the streets of Greenville SC and nearby towns in search of good sketching spots.
But I wanted to tell everyone that ANY spot you sketch will be more beautiful when it's drawn by you.
It's the view of your world, your surroundings that Urban Sketching calls to.

Here's one such spot on a nearby collage campus in Brevard NC.

A friend of mine met me in Brevard one day for some sketching. We wandered around the college campus, drawing this and that.
This is the Bell Tower near the college entrance.

This is an interesting metal sculpture that was outside of the arts building. I couldn't find any info on the artist. It is just beautiful though in all of its rusted glory.

I don't always add color to my sketches.
I love to add it on site and I don't always have time to do that.
For some reason, it is difficult for me to add it while looking at a photo at home.
Or maybe I just get busy with other things after I go home..

This is another recent outing in Greenville SC.

This is a side view of the Greek Orthodox Church in town.
This sketch is incomplete and I do plan on going back to add more details.

I am a part of a group of  artists in my hometown that have applied for "group status" with the Urban Sketching  online group.
Perhaps there is enough interest in your town to do the same.
Here is a link. Scroll down the page about halfway and you will see a section on the (right) sidebar that beings with "If you'd like to start your own USK blog...".
Check out the requirements.

Who knows, maybe your town will be represented in the next Urban Sketching book!?


  1. I've had the same problem - finding the right spot - yesterday I thought for sure I'd found it! Shady and some lovely rose bushes with a setback of interesting buildings. Wouldn't you know - after deciding "this is the place"...a huge machine lumbered in and began cutting up the concrete curbs. Noisy and dirty. Ugh. I packed up my few sketching supplies and left.

  2. I'm enjoying this month's selection. The hard part is figuring out the right supplies to take to the field. Or is that the fun part? I'll definitely be posting some sketches to the Flickr site. See you there....
    Denise in WNC


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