Friday, June 8, 2012

New Things to Learn

Terri Stegmiller here with my first drawing for the urban sketching theme (okay maybe it's actually my second).

I have learned a few things with this style of sketching. One, I need a lot more practice. Two, I need to be conscious of foreground and background and draw everything closest to me first. Three, using an ink pen on a hot windy day doesn't work so great. Out with my trusty pencil!

The sketch above is in my backyard. I live on a small acreage and my husband and I cut and split firewood every year to burn in our wood stove. After the wood is split we stack it outside to dry well and then we store it in trailers we have made out of pickup boxes. This way it stays nice and dry and is ready for next winter's burning.

By the way, that first drawing I attempted in my backyard was, well, a very big learning experience, let's just keep it at that. I find it funny that I keep sketchbooks but I've never really sketching what's sitting in front of me. I usually sketch from my imagination.

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  1. Hey, this looks like a sketch from MY backyard! :D Good idea to store your wood that way. We always covered ours with a tarp and then struggled to get to it after it was covered with snow!
    I usually sketch from photos, so this is something new for me, too!
    Great sketch!


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