Friday, June 15, 2012

Sketch du Jour

Hi Everyone, Pam Carriker here with some Urban Sketches from my travel journals.

Sometimes there is time to sketch on the spot, but often I'm with my family and we are the move so I've had to compensate and just grab the idea to sketch later. This works well for me and gives me something to do on those long plane rides. Up above I grabbed a coffee bag that we bought to make coffee in our apartment in Paris. I loved the design on the bag so I kept it to sketch later.
Below I saved the map from our Red Bus tour to add to my journal later. Love my Moleskine with the pocket in the back!
When taking a big trip like going to Paris, I like to start journal pages even before I go. I did a word a day for months before leaving for Paris. It really helped get me a little immersed before I ever left home. Then I just added pictures, paint and additional journaling when I got back home.
Here I was able to sketch on the spot and then added the words and color when I got back to the hotel room.

When you travel with your family, realistically you won't have much time to stop and sketch, so try to capture bits of those moments you want to explore later with a photo, ephemera, or just a few words and then come back to it later during those long hours of travel when you have lots of time to play.


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