Thursday, June 28, 2012

Soccer Mom Sketching

Hey, it's Deborah. I decided to really embrace Carol's theme of "urban sketching" and pull out my tiny sketchbook while sitting on the side lines of one of my daughter's soccer games.
Here is my daughter, Claire. She plays goalkeeper and she's standing outside the box keeping her eyes on the game. It's a terrible picture because I zoomed in with my phone, but that's fine because I was really interested in the very basic shapes of the figure. I just wanted to give you an idea of what I was looking at. The yellow penny, the white sleeves, the sliver of shorts, the big gloves, the socks, her oval head.
I thought it might be interesting to draw her very very small and then a little larger and a little larger. You can see my three attempts on the left.
I think the middle one is the best though still very rough. This is a great technique to explore as you are urban sketching. First: tiny tiny tiny with almost no detail. Does it still look like what you see? Then a bit bigger: focusing on on shapes. Even bigger: adding details.

On the right side of that page, I did a quick sketch as she was crouching to make a save. I wish there had been a bit more time on the sideline. We were late to the game after searching for the field and for parking. Maybe I would have added color. It might have also helped me calm down after the frantic, frustrating search for the game. Ahem.


  1. I love that idea of starting small then getting larger....takes the pressure off of getting the details right and maybe that would make me not be so worried about getting it "just right"!:)

  2. Great post Deborah! I want to sketch more people and wouldn't an organized game be the place? Love that you gave yourself permission to feel more at ease with sketching your daughter by starting out small.

  3. Such great advice to work smaller - it takes all the pressure of getting all the little details off.

  4. Great post! Great advice! As a HS art teacher who deals with figure drawing as an assignment for my students you have inspired me and personally as an have inspired me. No one sketches enough! Thanks!

  5. Great post. thanks for sharing. I too find games and practice a great time to get some sketching in. i have a lot of 'backs' of people and some cool chairs in my collection. i agree ,can't sketch enough. Keep it up.


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