Friday, July 6, 2012

Circle Journal Pages

Hi Carol Sloan here.

I think that everyone likes circles, myself included.
I could post page after page of circle images, photos and saved circular items.

Today I'll share a couple of pages from a doodle type journal and and art journal that I am working in (one among about 10 or so).

This is an easy peasy journal page to draw. 

This two page spread is an art journal that I originally made
to take to "Art Camp For Women" to share.
Now I continue to work in it with a variety of materials and techniques.

The first journal page is one of those easy pages to draw- something that even the "I can't draw a stick figure" person could do.
I drew the most of the circles freehand but you could use a circle template if you hated your lovely wonky circles that much.
I started out using a template but then misplaced it about halfway typical of the way that I work.

My studio table is a wreck when I have a project going, when I am in the process of trying to wrestle a project out of my head and when I am thinking that I might have a project to wrestle out of my head...!
It sounds totally humorous when I say it that way but it's true.
I should say "Hello. My name is Carol and I am a creative slob."

The second page is from a class sample book used in the class "Painted Pages".
It's a series of layers of paint, stenciling, removing paint, stamping, screen printing and free-form mark making.
I included marks that were made by from a handmade stencil that resembled sequin waste.
I used a piece of flexible plastic from a file folder to cut several round shapes from a die cut machine.
So, so easy but it makes it more unique, more "my own" because I chose which shape, which size and the placement of the circles.

There's a couple of circle pages to whet your appetite after this (US) holiday.
Hope that everyone is staying cool, staying creative and practicing a daily sketching routine.

You are, right?


  1. Hello, my name is Kate and I am a creative slob. LOVED your post today and the fun circle journal page. I might give it a go . . . if I can just find my supplies under the creative mess from my latest project!

  2. I should say "Hello. My name is Carol and I am a creative slob."

    You give me hope, Carol. This sounds like my chaotic art area: beads, embroidery thread and cloth, laptop, multiple journals, tools, pens, pencils, etc.

    Yet judging from your two journals, there's hope for me yet. I find circles so compelling, and I really like the execution of these two samples.

  3. Hello Carol and Kate, my name is Melissa and I'm also a creative slob. We should form a club.

    This was super awesome! I loved the journal page!

  4. I love to do circles! I do stick people and thank you for stamps! On my way to go circles....Thank you for sharing...Judith, Texas


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