Friday, July 6, 2012

Circles, circles, circles everywhere!

Supplies used: Water Soluable Oil pastels, scissors, paint brush, joint tape, water, watercolor paper
Hi gang!  Kari checking in from the land of thunderstorms and days of no electric :(
It's so hot and humid out, and there's not enough light to see inside, so I'm out on the front porch trying to stay somewhat cool and dry with very little success.  I get very very excited about circles!  It seems I use them in every single piece of my work, even subconsciously.  It makes sense, they are one of natures basic building blocks for all design.  I got to thinking, you know, circles are so simple!  They are one of the very first things that a child can draw unassisted.  Maybe that's why I like them so much.  They stand strong and proud it their simplicity.  With that in mind, I thought I would share one of my favorite ways to get circles into my art.  I use them in backgrounds, foregrounds and midgrounds!

I'm sure you are all familiar with sequin waste, stencilling through it to get different size circles.  This is a spin off of that, courtesy of the building industry.  I'm talking about Joint Compound tape.  Used to get spackle or joint compound to stick on corners or patches of drywall.  Mike picks it up for me at Home Depot or Lowes.  Not very expensive, but you get tons of it for your money, and it goes quite a long way.

A big circle full of circles!
You can stencil through it just like sequin waste, but wait!  Here's the beauty of it!  It's got adhesive on the back like a big ol' sticker!  And the tape itself has a porous surface, so it takes the paint, pastel, colored pencil or ink too.  Once you are thru using it as a tool, just peel the backing paper off the adhesive, and stick the actual tape down on your substrate too, wasting nothing.  Just thick enough to give a little dimension, but still thin enough to use in journals and to be able to sew through!  I've used it in books and journals, fabric projects (non-washable), I've used it on canvas and wood substrates and I've even had great success with it in beeswax and encaustic work. 

Color with oil pastels, rub or smear with finger if you wish.

I brushed over colored on tape with a wet brush, as I wanted a more muted watercolory effect.  Sponging with paint will give a much more crisp look to the circles.

When finished using tape as a stencil, peel the paper backing and expose the adhesive.

Now burnish tape down on your paper for double the bang for your buck with the circles!  Positive and negative!
Hope you are all staying cool :0 


  1. What a GREAT idea!
    Can you mention the brand name. It seems that many brands are a mesh rather than circles - I have no stores to go to to hunt for it...

  2. I believe my hubby has some of the mesh somewhere. If not, I know where a local store has some. Enjoyed your post today....Judith, Texas

  3. well this is a great idea! thanks :)

  4. Thanks so much for the comments! I love Harbor Freight, Lowes and Home Depot!

    This is more of a paper tape- smooth, not mesh or fiberglass.

    Lowes carries "self adhesive"
    Easy Joint Tape which is the brand I pictured. Not sure who manufacturer is.

    Will post a close up on my blog for easier viewing.


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