Thursday, July 19, 2012

Circular Sweets...All Things Round are Delicious!

 Kelli here. Circular sweets are my favorite kind. I began my research with a variety of doughnuts and big polka dot cookies, but I could have included frosted cakes and mile high pies. Below you see the round suspects I gathered up for the good of the cause.
They were duly sketched, collaged and threadsketched with black thread.
 Watercolors came next. It's surprising how many shades of toasty brown you can blend up, from chestnut and mocha for the chocolate doughnut, to lemony brown sugar shades for the cookie. I added a sprinkle of tri-color gold powder for a smidge of glitz.
This watercolor sketchbook page was photographed and then I edited it in and also Corel Painter 12 to arrive at the image at the beginning of this post. See the fuller expose of my circular sketching on my blog: ephemeralalchemy.

 And of course, all's well that ends well. The only way to dispose of the pesky circles...down the hatch!


  1. These sketches are fabulous. Circles seem to be everywhere in our lives.

  2. I love your sketches. Makes me want a cookie!

  3. Awesome Kelli! I just lovveeee cookies too!

  4. Ha! First thing I thought of when Circles was declared our theme was cookies and tootsie pops!:)

  5. what a yummy way to interpret the theme!


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