Thursday, July 12, 2012

Drawing Circles on the ipad

Judy Coates Perez here
I love drawing on the ipad app Paper 53.
It's a very basic app with a limited palette and set of tools. The app is free with the pen tool, each tool after that is $1.99. I have the pen, paintbrush and marker. I don't have a stylus, so I use my finger to draw. 

My favorite flower!


  1. Judy, I tried to search for Sketches 53 and there is no such thing. I believe it's called Paper by 53, as distinguished from (plain) Paper. I downloaded the latter after some recommendation before (possibly yours) and didn't think it was quite right. This morning I finally got Paper 53 and I'm happy.

    I also wanted to mention that I bought the new Sensu capacitive brush stylus, which I totally love.

    Thanks for the new app!

  2. haha! these are awesome and they look like they were probably a lot of fun to make!

  3. Fun fun fun! Now when they get one for the droid....No more boring lines in the grocery for me!!!

  4. I'm going to go talk to my iPad and Paper 53 app and tell them I want them to shape up, make circles that is (:

  5. Paper is my favorite iPad drawing app too. Love your circles!

  6. Oh Judy, I just love these! Can't pick a favorite. Lovely! Now I want to try the app!


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