Monday, July 9, 2012

Finding Inpiration in Your Yard - OR - What To Do When The Electricity Goes Out

Hi Everyone! I'm Traci Bunkers, a new member of The Sketchbook Challenge, and this is my first post.

The other day, I got my fancy Nikon 5000 DSLR camera all set up on my overhead stand, ready to shoot pictures from above of me working, when I heard a loud pop, and my electricity went out. Oh my god! Now what? Change of plans. It's funny how when that happens, you're stunned, not sure how you are going to function without electricity. When in reality, it's not a big deal. I'm not on life support, so I'll survive. I decided to grab my sketchbook, a few markers, and go outside. Since this month's theme is circles, I looked around my yard for circular things to do quick sketches of. And I mean quick because even though it was still morning, the bugs were biting! - sketchbook 070612

I felt like a kid playing a game of "I Spy" by myself. I drew everything on the same page, not worrying about overlapping since this was just an exercise. I'm a firm believer that it's more important to be creative and get in the practice of "making art" than it is to feel that everything you do has to be Art with a big "A."

It was easy to find things in my yard, both things in nature and man-made things, to sketch. I used a few different markers also, just to have a variety in my line weight. Right after I finished, I took photos with my iPad, using the Hipstamtic app, of what I had drawn. If I want I can practice drawing more using the photos as a reference (and avoid the bugs & the crazy heat). - column
A decorative pedestal column in my back yard. - solar light
A solar powered light along the pathway to my studio. - gazing ball
A gazing ball on a little stand. - lotus pod
A freshly formed lotus seed pod from my my lotus plant in my front yard. - lotus leaf
Large & lovely lotus leaves that aren't perfect circles, but who cares. I love the radiating veins that go from the center circle to the leaf edges. - blue bottles
And blue bottles that line one of the flower beds in my front yard.

It was a fun exercise that didn't take much time at all. And a nice reminder that you really don't have to look too far to find something fun to draw. It's all right in front of your nose. Or maybe just outside in your yard.


  1. Very cool circles! They truly ARE everywhere, aren't they! Mine are at

  2. Welcome Traci!!! We are so glad to have you. Love your post and yes, circles are everywhere! So much fun and easy to find too.

  3. Welcome to the SBC, Traci! I love your post. Great photos and so inspirational!

  4. Oh what a lovely yard you have. I could spend hours just looking at everything there before I even started sketching if I could. Like you, love Hipstamatic and some of the other photo apps out there.

  5. I love sketchbooks where everything overlaps like this. I'm too uptight about leaving spaces separating things! I'd LOVE to get over that! lol!


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