Wednesday, July 11, 2012

going full circle

Sue B here...

I love this months circle theme!  Circles are such an easy theme to work with because you can approach it from so many different ways.   I decided to take the graphic and geometric approach.  I sat down with some plain white paper, a black pen and some circle templates and just started drawing...

Circles in circles

Circle of flowers

 Circles of lines

Another circle of lines

I like these circle designs so much that I decided to turn them into silk screens so that I could use them on other projects.  Now I am not one of those lucky people who have a thermofax machine so I make my screens using EZ Screen Print.  It's a very easy process and all you need is a bright sunny day.  I scanned my circle designs into my Mac, printed them out on a transparency sheet.

Then you put the transparency on a piece of glass, cover it with a piece of the EZ Screen print, cover that with a piece of black felt that's been glued to a piece of cardboard.   You put it in direct sunlight for a little over a minute, soak the screen in water, and you've got a new screen to print with.

I used the one on the right here in my painted scrap paper sketchbook:

and this is an altered book that I made that I add to every now and again.  This is one of the spreads in the center of the book.  On the page on the right I cut a circle out of the page and glued that circle to the opposing page. 

You can see through the circle cut out where I did a print using the new screen I made on the following page spread:

I love working in sketchbooks that I made myself.   I really enjoy that full circle process of choosing the paper, the binding technique, assembling the book and then marking up the pages.  How about you?  Do you have a preference between working in a hand made sketchbook or a purchased one?


  1. This would be fantastic when done on fabric.

  2. Oh I definitely would work in a handmade book everytime if I could. I love the process too, and there's just something so ORGANIC about pages that aren't cut by some perfecty huge machine in a warehouse somewhere!

  3. Thanks Sue, you've inspired me to do some circle drawing. Thanks for showing us how to use the EZ screen, I have thought about getting some in years past but have never got around to it.

  4. Cool! Can you use this process to make stencils?

  5. Wow! I've seen the EZ Screen but didn't really know how it works. Thanks. I love handmade ones. I'm working in a couple spiral ones now and I just don't like them as well. Love circles. Need to start working on my sketches.

  6. But not easy in the UK where we have almost forgotten what sunshine is - pity we can't use rain instead!

  7. Sue, you are one exciting woman. You keep recommending such good stuff. I'm having a ball with the Big Shot, and guess EZ print is next.

  8. and you also got me started on the app Paper for 53. I think I added The Chinch binder on my own (:


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