Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Orderly or Non-Orderly

Terri Stegmiller here!  I love circles.  Big or small, circles are such wonderful basic shapes that stand alone or can be the starting point for further design exploration.

I challenged myself to try different setting styles for my circle sketches. I started my circle sketches by first drawing some circles that weren't grouped or in grids of any sort -- pretty much a free-form sort of setting for this first page of circles.

Next I tried grouping circle shapes together.

And for my final challenge, I put circles in a grid-like format but yet layered differing sizes on top of each other.

I found myself liking the last exercise with the grid/layers best and created another one.

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  1. I love the grid form, too, with the circles. It turned out wonderfully, and I can just imagine it in paint or layered collage. I am going to have to start following along with the sketchbook challenge and see what I can learn!


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