Friday, July 20, 2012

Spritzin' and Sprayin' Circles

Hi everyone!  Terri here. Over the course of the past year, I happened upon a product that I have come to love using in my work.

The product is Tumble Dyes by SEI.  There are lots of colors to choose from and they are marketed toward the fabric/textile user. BUT....I use them on paper too. The one thing that I love about these spray-on colors is they are permanent, unlike some of the other leading brand spray-on colors. I find when I use spray-on color in my art journal or sketchbook, the versions that are not permanent or waterproof will reactivate when I apply other wet media over the top and then my colors are all mixing up and sometimes that is just not desired. So this product really works well for alleviating that problem.

Here's a technique that I use both in my journals, papers and fabric projects.  First, I get out my stencils. I like using several stencils at one time.

I'm working on a piece of paper that was used as packing paper in a package I received.  I always save this paper because it works so well for experimenting and I also repurpose it and use it as collage paper or gift wrap paper.

Start by spritzing some Tumble Dye color over the top of one of the stencils.

Next I will flip the stencil over and press it down either on the piece I'm working on or another piece of fabric or paper next to me. The excess color that was on the stencil creates a negative image and these look great too.

Keep spritzing and adding more stencil designs and color to your project and pretty soon you have some very interesting designs and layers started.

I like to use these colorful stenciled layers as the starting point for sketchbook pages, paintings and quilt projects.  I found my Tumble Dyes at my local Hobby Lobby and I've also seen them at various retail locations online.

Here are some other samples of fabrics that I've made with circles as a theme.


  1. I was just looking at this product the other day and thinking I should get some. Now I know I should!

  2. Thanks for the tip on a new product. Will have to try some.

  3. Great post Terri - had not seen the Tumble Dyes, so that was helpful! Beautiful colors and layers I always look forward to seeing what you do!


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