Friday, July 27, 2012

Using circles to give importance or focus- Desiree

Hi again, its Desiree! I love this theme, circles, they are everywhere as we are seeing here on the Sketchbook challenge and all of the wonderful things I see happening on the Flickr site! I wanted to share another one of my monthly sketching classes with you. We worked with circles in our sketchbooks to add an importance to our sketch, almost like a magnifying glass! I had everyone go into my garden and pick something that inspired them. I would of loved to have you join us! Everyone choose something different, from leaves to flowers etc. I then had them do a double page spread and make three circles. One for text, one for a sketch of their flower or leaves and one for a magnified view of a part of their plant. I encouraged them to allow the circles to fall off the page and we taped off the edges before we painted.

 I also talked about color and they each had to choose only three colors, a blue, a yellow and a red. That is what you see in the upper left hand side of the sketchbook page. We painted soft backgrounds, did mono printing with our leaves and painted our flowers. Circles are a wonderful way to give special attention to something! Did you notice that I added a shadow behind a few of the circles that make them appear to float on the page, you can do that very easily by darkening only one side of your circle. There is a video available on my website of the complete lesson. Here is another day when I was sketching and used a circle to make something on my page stand out or more special.

 I hope you enjoy making circles surround those special things in your sketchbooks too!


  1. I love your idea about using circles to bring attention to details. I'm logging the idea to use in my own sketchbook.

  2. That is wonderful!!!

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  3. Your painting is absolutely beautiful. I love the idea of using the circle to accentuate details. Thank you for sharing your lovely artwork. I'm on my way to watch your video right now!

  4. Thank you for you nice comments, make sure you post if you paint something in you sketchbook using this method I would love to see it! Have Fun!

  5. beautiful, Desiree! and such a great idea.

  6. This is so awesome, I think the idea of a circle bubble is clever and draws the eye with so much added interest.


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