Monday, August 20, 2012

..."Art where you are"....

Hi everyone, this is Joanne Sharpe with my first post in the Sketchbook Challenge.  Can i tell you what an honor it is to be in the company of these fabulous creative souls?  It is.  I look forward to sharing my journals here.

I was excited to see that this month's theme was "shelter".  Having just returned from Art Unraveled in Phoenix, i had the perfect pages for this topic.  I debuted a class called "Art Where You Are", a drawing and sketching class that focuses on capturing every day moments in a travel journal.  

Our "SHELTER" at the Embassy Suites was goldmine of drawing subjects!  And believe me when i say that the hotel was INDEED our SHELTER from the scorching 109 degrees outside!  (being from upstate New York where we have WET snow, i was curious about the DRY HEAT in AZ)  It was my first time in Arizona, and i must confess...i'll  take 3-4 months of snow over that heat any day.  Crazy, i know!

The first exercise in our sketchbook was a "warm up" using contour line drawings.  This has been my favorite drawing technique since i was in 8th grade.  It's a non-threatening way to get into the groove, loosen up and prepare to sketch.  Draw your hand as the object of interest, making your eye trace the contour then draw in pen without looking at your paper.  Be proud of the artful abstraction you create!  You're ready to sketch.  
My teaching mantra in the sketching classes is:
"it doesn't matter how you's how you see".
 We spent an afternoon scouring the lovely hotel and grounds drawing ordinary objects and areas and making them art.  A quick little line drawing colored with a splash of watercolor is a great way to "capture the essence" of your travels.  Add journaling that reflects those moments and when you look back at these journals you are right back in that experience. many things to capture inside and out, like these cool floor to ceiling waterfall panels...

Wherever your "shelter", become a part of those surroundings in your sketchbook.  Art is everywhere.  And, there's always "art where you are"....see you next time.


  1. When I think of sketching work like you have posted today is what I think of as the sublime achievment-information in line and color that is brief and alive. It's a goal I continue to hope to reach with practice.

  2. Beautiful artwork and wonderful message!

  3. I love your style of sketching -- really beautiful.

  4. Beautiful message and as always love your art and colors. I am inspired to dive back into my sketchbook project.

  5. Hey, Joanne, nice to see you posting. Glad your Phoenix workshop went well.

  6. Welcome, so exciting to have you here, you always inspire me!


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